Best Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining Programs to Use on Desktop PC

OK, so first thing is first. Do not try to run a mining program from a laptop computer. You are just going to burn out the integrated GPU and then the machine will be unusable. Trust me, there is no point in even installing any mining software onto a laptop.

That being said, you should also understand that you cannot really make money from any standard desktop computer. You need a really high end graphics card, and if you are serious about mining, you need many high end graphics cards.

If you already know all of this, please disregard and proceed to reading about the mining programs we recommend. If you need to read more about how to make money with online bitcoin or altcoin mining through GPUs, read more in our guide.

OK, now that being said, here are a few of the mining programs that people use on the Internet.

How to Optimize NiceHash for Cryptocurrency mining

This is probably the easiest and most widespread program. It has the ability to change algorithms and will experiment with different algorithms until it finds the most profitable ones.

In order to use NiceHash effectively, you do need to do some tuning here and there. This is best done while checking in on the PC screen every so often as you watch NetFlix or other. If you see the same programs (same algos) are constantly running and not changing, this is good. NiceHash will change programs when it thinks that your system could make more money on a different algo. However, it often takes a while to close down one algo that is mining and open up another.

By this we mean the currency that it’s mining. For example, I tried mining for a little while. I had my CPU, and 2 GPU’s mining. They were different cards mind you – typically you’ll want to use multiples of the same cards, for example, 2, 4, 6 or etc. 1070’s or 1080’s. Many people will only use a Geforce GTX 1080ti card for mining, and they will put many in one system.

Anyways, coming back to optimizing Nice Hash. I had two different cards running, but they both decided that they wanted to do Equihash. Sometimes, one GPU would switch to doing a different currency – Dagger. When it did that, I noticed it would take a long time to cycle to a different currency and then it would only mine that for a little while and then switch back.

All of the going back and forth was slowing down the money making when it did that. If you monitor even somewhat closely like this for the first little while, you will notice things like that too. So what I did was I told NiceHash to only mine Equihash because I noticed it made the most money while consistently doing so. Problem solved.

In this way, you really just need to “steer” NiceHash a little. Don’t try to fight with it and do algos or currency that it normally does not try on it’s own – Nice Hash is pretty smart. It’ll figure it out, you just tweak it a little bit here and there.

One thing you need to be aware of with Nice Hash is that you need to be consistently mining (it’s like that with all crypto mining). As soon as you stop, you’re no longer making money. That’s why it’s important to understand that the money you can make is based on a formula where you’re ALWAYS mining. Internet down, too bad. Also, don’t forget about your power bill. Balancing out the cost of energy, the cost of possibly running through video cards prematurely, etc. All of these should be included in your planning phase for determining how you will earn money through bitcoin mining.