TekSavvy – a blogger’s saga of a month to get online

I recently decided to take the plunge and acquire a second line in my home. I have cable internet, which runs on the Rogers network. From time to time, this cable line will go down as it’s with a reseller, and Rogers provides sub-par infrastructure to their resellers so the network for resellers is down more often than it is for Bell/Rogers themselves.

You can ascertain the truth of this statement if you look closely into some of the network outages of these resellers. Start.ca recently had an outage. They are resellers of cable internet on the Rogers network. Start had a 4 hour outage, and if you read into the problem you will find in news stories that there’s only one router that connects Rogers to start. This has been confirmed by high ranking executives within these organizations – publicly.

You have to consider the telco scene in Canada. In the United States, there is a lot of healthy competition. In Canada however, although you may think there is healthy competition, everyone is still forced to use either the Rogers or Bell network. This means either you’ve got cable on the Rogers network, or DSL on the Bell network.

There is nothing to force these larger telcos to have real redundant infrastructure that connects their network to the resellers. Why would Rogers or Bell spend more money on having redundant infrastructure for the resellers? Every customer that goes to a reseller is one that these giants do not get to have. So to have up to date, proper redundant infrastructure in place is another money spend on top of that.

One month after purchase – still don’t have a working DSL connection

So I’ve had DSL Internet now with TekSavvy for about a month. It’s never worked properly since I had it installed. I’ve had some service here and there, but in the past one week, it hasn’t worked at all. TekSavvy even shipped a new modem, but I received it and it’s still not working properly. Sometimes the Internet light will be red, sometimes it will be green; but either way, I can’t get any connectivity to the Internet. The modem continues to say that it has no connection to the Internet/WAN.

Everytime I call into support, I spend an hour re-configuring the modem. When they shipped the new modem, they told me the new modem already had been pre-configured, so I wouldn’t need to configure it. However, I still wind up troubleshooting the modem with the same re-configuration steps everytime I call in. After extensive troubleshooting, it still does not work after each re-configuration attempt.

Long Hold Times & Constant Outages

I suppose the old adage is true – you get what you pay for. It seems like everytime I call into TekSavvy, I’m greeted by constant repeating messages about how certain cities are offline. I have found that if I reach a rep in the first five minutes of my call that’s great, but it only happens when there’s no ongoing outages. If I don’t reach someone in the first five minutes, I hang up because the wait time can be as much as 20 minutes to an hour – no joke.

E-mail Support a Further Waste of Time

The responses from e-mail support are unhelpful. I tried to open an e-mail support ticket today as I could not reach anyone via calling, and still have no Internet (it’s been a week since it went down). The e-mail support asked me what color my modem light was, and offered no assistance to troubleshoot. After confirming the color of the light (who cares anyways), I waited hours for another response saying they could open a ticket. No idea if that means I’ll actually get a callback or not. They apologized no one had called me back, but they did not actually pick up the phone and do it themselves.

I’m really getting sick and tired of dealing with TekSavvy and trying to get my purchase to work. I plan to call again this week and advise them I’ll be terminating the service, and I won’t be paying any bills with them either as it hasn’t worked properly since the day I got it. All in all, in a month time span, I’ve got to use it about the equivalent of a half day – 4 hours, tops.