Where to get a good laptop deal on Black Friday

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So the holiday shopping season is upon us, and you know what that means – people are looking to get a deal on new desktops, laptops, and all that jazz. So what’s the best laptop deals you can get at this time of year? Computer Motherboard.com takes you through some of the newest, latest and greatest offers – and, the not so great, too. Yeah, we know. But hey, it’s important to be an educated, smart consumer right?

The Budget Laptops on Black Friday

So we start with the Chromebook. You can get Samsung chromebooks for a pretty good deal at Wal-Mart. Usually $199, the entry level Chromebook is on sale now for $129. If you want to buy a gift for someone, like a back to school gift – or even one for yourself – the Samsung Chromebook @ $129 is pretty much the cheapest deal you’re going to get. What do you get for $129? Not a bad machine – however, keep in mind it does have a Celeron processor in it. Yes, they still do sell Celerons. The 4 GB of memory is pretty much standard these days, however you’re better off to get something with 8 GB in it if you need to multi task. This machine is pretty much just for browsing the Internet. By the way, there is no hard drive – just 16 GB eMMC storage. So, don’t expect to be able to download much of anything … or install any games.

A step up from this is the Chromebook Plus V2 for $349 – also at Wal-Mart. This machine is a 2-in-1 that comes with a Stylus pen. Neat! Still has a celeron inside though, and you still don’t have a hard drive – however, you have double the storage @ 32 GB of space instead of 16. Still can’t really download much of anything, and the applications you can install to this machine will still be limited.

If you’re into the Microsoft Surface, you can also look at the Microsoft Surface Go. The Surface Go is all about being light weight and a small tablet which functions as a laptop with an attachable keyboard. Mind you – accessories not included. The proprietary keyboard and mouse from MIcrosoft will cost you a bit more – keyboard isn’t cheap @ $79.99, for example. Alas, this is how Microsoft makes their money at the end of the day. Oh – did we mention that all Surface Go tablets are $50 off for a limited time.