How to add more games to SNES classic

Did you know that you can add more games to your SNES Classic? It’s actually pretty easy, too. The SNES classic does come with some pretty good games on a hard drive – Final Fantasy III (3), Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Legend of Zelda: A link to the past, and a few others worth mentioning. However, eventually you’ll find like everyone else, that you get bored of the stock games that come with the system. So, how do you add more games to the SNES classic?

I’m glad you asked! Enter a program called Hackchi. Hackchi works by flashing the BIOS of your SNES classic over the USB port. You know how you plugĀ  your SNES classic into the wall – it’s plugged in via a USB charger / plug. All you need to do is disconnect it from the power plug, and you have a USB end. You plug that into your computer, load up hackchi, and it installs a driver to your computer so that your PC can talk to your SNES classic via USB. Easy, right?

Hackchi is pretty simple and intuitive. Also, the first thing it does is it takes a backup of your SNES Classic’s existing firmware. So if you do have any problems at all, you can load the original firmware back onto your SNES Classic without any hiccups.

Loading ROMS onto the Super NES Classic

So if you want to add more ROMs, you have to understand that you must first download ROMs to put onto the console. You should also understand that legally – yes, you are breaking the law by doing this. You should only be downloading ROMs as images of games that you already own. So, make sure you go out and buy all the SNES games first and stock them in a backroom somewhere (or play them on an actual original SNES) before you go to ROM sites and download ROMS.

Super Metroid Grappling Hook

Look familiar? Super Metroid was one of the best games on the Super Nintendo. It’s a stock game that comes with the Super NES Classic. What happens though when you get bored with the games that are loaded onto the console? Can you add more games yourself? The answer is yes – and it’s surprisingly easy, too.

Now, once you’ve procured the SNES classic games and hoarding them all in a cabinet locked away somewhere (yes, you’re now a hoarder) you can proceed to obtaining ROMs. There are many ROM websites out there that you can download the ROMs from. ROMs are basically the game but in a digital image format. The SNES Classic is really just a little computer (kind of like a raspberry Pi) that has an emulator running on it. If you didn’t want to pay the money that Nintendo wants for one of these (and sometimes if you can’t find one, you have to pay a jerk on E-bay or Amazon even more then it’s worth) you could just download an emulator to your computer and play SNES games that way. However, if you’re a hardcore gamer, you probably already knew that!

Nintendo announces the end of production for SNES Classic and NES Classic

At the time of this writing, December 2018, Nintendo recently announced they will stop producing the SNES and NES classic soon. Nintendo has been plagued by supply problems since they started producing these units, and it seems par for the course for them to simply up and decide to stop manufacturing them. This is likely a shift by Nintendo, in an attempt not to flood the market with these consoles and keep them desirable, and somewhat difficult to find perhaps!